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The recipe
Networking hacktivities
FinTech unconferencing

Cake&hackers is a bi-monthly meetup for the finance & technology industries. We bring together the most creative, forward-looking minds in banking, finance and technology from both the corporate and start-up communities. But we do so without the pre-printed badges, conference packs and stale mini-pastries. In fact it is the opposite of a conference: a space where the people that make a difference can collaborate, create, engage, share, challenge and catalyse new thinking. In short - an unconference.

Our goal is to be an idea generation hub, to facilitate knowledge-sharing in an open, creative and fun environment and to sample some of the best cake possible.

Events are free to attend (but places are limited, so register in advance). Join us to celebrate the best of the community with cake&hackers.

The recipe

Chatham House Rule

All discussion that takes place is strictly under the Chatham House Rule: ideas explored and created as a result of these sessions are free to use but non-attributable.

Everyone's invited

They're informal and relaxed but we like to have a lot of fun. Whatever your interest is in the community, you're welcome to join in (sorry, no recruiters).

No Selling

Vendors, please check in your sales targets at the door. We are a community of individuals (not companies), assembling to freely exchange and share our ideas, thoughts and knowledge.


Participation, collaboration, congruence.

And Cake.

Networking hacktivities

Micro-events run inside each event: speed-dating (2 minute problem solving), smack-downs, mini-hackathons and a chance to to pitch your latest idea to name just a few.

Baking sessions

Self-organised discussions run using the rule of two feet. Groups coalesce freely, bake an idea out and eat cake. Come down, host a session, throw some chairs around with us.

Join the community!

Limited spaces available for our next event in London, register now, attendance is free.

Cake&hackers #5: November 4th 2014

We're plotting to celebrate the next "English Reformation" with the anniversary of the gunpowder plot on 4th November at the Rainmaking loft, by the Tower of London.

Quietly tunnelling under the infrastructure, we'll be building ideas to improve the direction of the finance and technology industries, with more accountability, direction and cake.

Baking sessions, speed dating, a free bar and more participation events will all contribute to the night's disruption.

View the agenda and join us on Tuesday 4th November. The Rainmaking Loft, 1 St Katharine's Way E1W 1UU, London.


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